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Disappointing Products #6

Disappointing Products Review - Maybelline, Lavera, Too Faced, Eyeko & Wild About Beauty

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Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Smoky Eyes Mascara (£7.99)
This mascara has been tucked away in my drawn for sometime unopened. I finally busted it out the other day, after finishing my Benefit They're Real mascara. Having a look around at the reviews on other blogs and all the pictures I've seen, this looked like it could be a pretty good mascara. The pictures that I seen were of people with long, full, luscious lashes, however for me this mascara simply sucked. No length, no volume, just nothing. I've only used the mascara a handful of times and really can't bare to use it any more.

Lavera Trend Natural Concealer in Light (£6.43)
It was only a matter of time before I branched out in to trying Lavera's make up range, after loving their hand cream which was featured in my bedside essentials post a little while back. Spotting this for nearly 50% off on Amazon a few weeks ago, I decided to purchase it. It states that it conceals dark circles and redness, sadly it does neither. The coverage is so light it makes no difference to my skin. I might as well not use a concealer. It's also heavily scented which I hate.

Wild About Beauty Créme Eyeshadow in Edna (£13.00)
Excited to see this in my August Birchbox, I couldn't wait to try it out. It looked like the perfect shade along with it's sleek packaging. Sadly the excitement was short lived as the créme shadow hasn't got much pigment to it at all, it has a lot of shimmer but not much else. It also barely lasts ten minutes without creasing, even with a primer. 

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (£12.00)
I spoke about this recently in my drugstore felt tip liners post. It's the blackest black liner I own but the felt tip is a bit awkward to work with, which is why it's a disappointing product. You need to apply a lot of pressure on a certain point of the nib just to get any colour pay off. It also goes a little streaky if you reapply over it.  Having picked up this with a copy of Glamour for £2, I really did expect more from this considering it normally retails for £12.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer (£17.00)
Numerous positive reviews of this, tell me to love it but I think there are other better primers out there. It doesn't work as well as others in regards to stopping my eyeshadows from creasing and it can be a little difficult to blend, in my opinion.

What products have disappointed you recently?

5 Quick Beauty Fix Products

5 Beauty Fixes

I recently mentioned the Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist (£10.00) in my summer make up bag post, as well as being a good facial spritz and cooler, it's a fab make up refresher. After a long day my make up can end up looking a bit meh and not as good as it did at the beginning of the day. A spritz of this mist makes my make up look a bit more dewier and fresher.

After late nights, puffy eyes tend to follow the next morning. The Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches (£6.00)* are cooling and so refreshing and offer some relief to tired eyes. For the optimum cooling sensation, I pop these in the fridge 10-15 minutes beforehand so they're extra cold.

Although the hype for the Vo5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil (£5.19) {review here} has well and truly gone, it's still something I reach for when it comes to dealing with smoothing split ends. One or two drops of this stuff in the palm of my hand, then ran through the ends of my hairs does the trick.

This little pocket wonder, the Anatomicals High Noon For The Prune Dry Relief Balm (£4.00)* is a life saver when it comes to dry skin. It can be used on any area of dry skin and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling afterwards. I like to use this for any dry patches of skin on my hands or around my nose after suffering from a cold.

Nail polish, amongst other nail treatments can leave nails feeling weak and not in their best condition. The Nail HQ Protect and Repair (£7.99)* helps to hydrate, moisturise and maintain natural nail flexibility. The formula dries clear, allowing it can to be used on it's own or in conjunction with nail polish.

What products do you use for your beauty fixes?