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Chapped Lip Wonders - Dr Lipp vs Lanolips

Dr Lipp vs Lanolips Review

Lanolin seems to be somewhat of a hit for curing multiple skin issues including chapped lips. It's considered to be one of the best ways to heal and nourish the skin, as lanolin is similar to our skin's natural oils, therefore they easily absorb into the skin. There's two main lanolin contenders on the market which are Dr Lipp and Lanolips, here's a comparison of them both.

The Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips 15ml (£11.50) has become some what of a cult beauty item. As the name suggests it was originally a nipple balm but it works just as well as a lip balm amongst other uses. It contains 100% medical grade Lanolin and nothing else. I briefly mentioned this in my bedside essentials as I like to use it before sleeping because of it's thick texture and the thick white sheen it tends to leave on the lips. I also find that when the weather goes cold the formula tends to get hard, therefore making it a mammoth task to get any out of the tube.

Similar to Dr Lipp is the Lanolips 101 Ointment For Lips & Multi Purpose 15g (£10.99) which hails all the way from Australia. The inspiration for Lanolips comes from a sheep farm in South Australia, where the Lanolips creator spent her childhood. Similar to it's rival Dr Lipp, Lanolips contains 100% Lanolin but in addition to that it also contains some lanolin oil. Due to the formulation of this, the consistency is a little thinner than Dr Lipp and therefore doesn't leave a thick white tint on the lips. I find this perfect for applying on the go as the pack is sleek and purse size friendly.

What's your go to chapped lip saviour?

Drugstore Felt Tip Eye Liners

Drugstore Felt Tip Eye Liners
Drugstore Felt Tip Eye Liners Swatches Collection 2000, Eyeko, Essence & MUA

There's a bunch of different felt tip liners available from the drugstore (i.e Boots, Superdrug, ect). They all seem to state they are easy to work with, long lasting and promise to be the darkest black you've ever seen but which ones live up to their claim? I've tried out a few various ones and here's what I think about them.

My favourite is of the bunch is the Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner (£2.99) which has sadly it's dried up a little so the colour is a little off. The colour normally resembles the MUA swatch at the bottom but with a more opaque finish. It's easy to apply, the tip is a dream to work with and it lasts all day. If you're looking for a felt tip liner I'd definitely recommend this one. 

Moving on to Essence Stay Put 24 Hour Liner (£2.80) which I have in the shade midnight black hence why it looks blue black. It's not as easy to work with as the Collection one but the colour pay off is good and long lasting. Unfortunately it does look like it's being discontinued and it's being replaced by a similar liner. Thankfully it's not something that I'll miss though. 

I picked up this Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner (£12.00) for the bargain price of £2.00 with last month's issue of Glamour. It's the blackest of the bunch but the felt tip is a bit awkward to work with. You need to apply a lot of pressure on a  certain point of the nib just to get any colour pay off. It also goes a little streaky if you reapply over it. I really did expect more from this considering it normally retails for £12!

My least favourite of the bunch is the MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner (£2.00). The felt tip is extremely tricky to work with and the colour pay off can be a little opaque. I haven't had this liner for very long and it's already started to dry up. For a mere 99p extra I'd advise opting for the Collection felt tip liner.

What's your favourite drugstore felt tip liner?