My 2014 Favourites

My 2014 Favourites

Before we slowly slip into February I thought it was about time I shared my 2014 favourites. To be honest there wasn't much that caught my attention last year but I did discover a few gems.

I spoke about this recently in my five beauty box discoveries post. It smells divine, is full of natural based ingredients and leaves my hands feeling moisturised. If you're looking for an day-to-day hand cream I'd highly recommend trying this one out.

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe (£4.99)
When I first purchased this I wasn't too overly impressed when I tried using it as a eyeshadow. However I have found a whole new purpose for it. Let me introduce you to my current brow product. Yes that's right, this little pot has the perfect consistency and tone for my brows. I may have just found a long awaited match for my brows, hurray! See swatches and read my initial thoughts here.

Easy Nails Fast & Fruity Nail Polish Remover (89p)
Late on the bandwagon with these type of nail polish removers, I picked this up in Home Bargains for the mere price of 89p. It removes my nail polish well and is good in a pinch. It also smells like peaches which makes a change from the acetone laced scent of normal polish removers. I reviewed this back in January 2014. 

For the longest time I couldn't seem to figure out why everyone raved about these bath oils. I mean, it's just a bath oil, right? Nope it's so much more than that. Whenever I'm feeling stressed or need to unwind I pour a capful of this. I admit it is on the pricey side so I do use it sparingly as a luxurious treat.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara (£10.00)If you love Benefit's They're Real but find it a little hard to remove then this is perfect. It's on the higher side for drugstore mascaras but it's worth the extra bit of money. It's a mascara which gives a good amount of volume and length without flaking off.

I suffer with dry feet especially around my heels. I've tried various lotions and methods of obtaining soft feet but have left disappointed every time. This however has found it's place in my bedside essentials and within my top five body moisturisers. I slather this on, pop some socks on and by morning my feet are feeling brand new.

Whilst I did confess my love for the Moa Green Balm at the beginning of last year. This one from Balm Balm slightly tops that as I prefer the texture and scent of this one. Check out my thoughts on the whole Balm Balm Frankincense range here.

Good for a hydrating treat and perfect for winter. The only moisturiser I've tried which sinks in and leaves my face feeling less dry and soft. It's featured in my bedside essentials and rose scented beauty products.

Where was this all my life? A multi purpose concealer which hides any darkness around the eyes and conceals blemishes. I reviewed this over on Frooti Beauty after Safiyah recommended I try it out.

Marketed as a foundation I tend to brake the mould and use this as a setting powder. As long as I'm light handed I don't end up looking cakey and it works wonders oil control wise too. It featured in what's in my summer make up bag but has been a keen favourite since I purchased it back in July 2014.

This is a good everyday moisturiser which I prefer to use at night but sadly it doesn't perform well in winter. More thoughts on this moisturiser can be found in my review.

What products did you discover last year?

5 Beauty Box Discoveries

5 Beauty Box Discoveries

The aim of beauty boxes is to introduce their subscribers to new brands and products. I've gotten my fair share of boxes over the years since the concept launched in 2011. It can be a bit of challenge shifting through the samples to find something you love, so here's five of my favourite beauty box discoveries.

After discovering Ritual Shower Gels through the December 2011 Glossybox and I was immediately hooked. I love foaming shower gels and I particularly adore the Ritual ones because they smell amazing too. They are a little overpriced for a shower gel so I make sure to stock up when they're discounted. At the moment the one pictured is only a £1 from Latest in Beauty.

I was lucky enough to get two of these beauties in my March 2013 & September 2014 Birchbox. Considering they're a hefty £26 each I'm pretty sure I wouldn't of splashed out on one other wise. I like to ensure all of my make up is blended in properly. My only complaint is that the dye seems to run when washing the first one I received. I'm yet to open the second one but I hope I don't have the same issue.

This is the balm really got me into cleansing balms and I haven't looked back since. After discovering it through a You Beauty Discovery Box I fell in love with the way it cleansed and made my skin feel. I've waddled on plenty more about it in my review.

Another You Beauty Discovery Box discovery is this little tube. I did a comparison of this and the Dr Lipp a few months ago comparing them both. It's ideal for lips, nails, dry skin and a multitude of other uses. It's something I keep in my pocked and I like to reach for in the colder months to avoid the curse of chapped lips.

I was previously hooked on my Soap & Glory Hand Food but after ditching the parabens, I was on the hunt for a new hand cream. I received this in last January's Birchbox and we've been inseparable ever since. I've gone on to purchase two full sized bottles, one which now resides by my kitchen sink and the other on my bedside along with my other essentials.

What products have you discovered from beauty boxes?

Beauty Lab Skincare

Beauty Lab Skincare Range Review

Skincare is something I've been really keen on recently. Don't get me wrong I still love make up but there's nothing more satisfying than discovering new products which work wonders for your skin. Some products that I've discovered recently are these from Beauty Lab. 

Beauty Lab Foaming Cleanser* (£15.00) When I hear the word foaming and cleanser together I start to worry that it will dry my skin out. Thankfully this cleanser is far from that.  Formulated with skin smoothing enzymes, silk, papaya, chamomile and pomegranate extracts it's ideal for cleansing combination to oily skin without being too harsh. I opt for this when cleansing my skin in the shower as it's easy to dispense the product due to it's handy pump.

Beauty Lab Smart Defence Daily Moisturiser* (£25.00) This lightweight, hydrating moisturiser skins into my skin beautifully. It contains hyaluron which is known to be a very hydrating ingredient without leaving your skin feeling oily. The bottle and packaging are also uber sleek and I adore the fact it comes with a pump. Did I mention it also smells divine as it reminds me a lot of chocolate orange.

Have you tried any Beauty Lab products?